Summer 2011

I am finally posting summer photos! Until yesterday it has continued to feel like summer here in Utah. I am so ready for fall. I love boots and sweaters and apple cider and pumpkin anything and chili and soups and Halloween and changing leaves and football season! It’s not the same rooting for the Buckeyes in Utah, though. In fact, when we wear our OSU red we get some interesting looks in Provo. People think we are wearing the U’s colors! NO! We are Buckeye fans, people!

Here is Peter and his friend Weston after a softball game. The kids LOVED going to Peter’s games, but I had a hard time keeping up with both of them while he played. They are really good at running full speed in opposite directions at the same time leaving me to decide which child I should run after first. Leah runs to find other little girls, and Jack runs for the field. I always go after Jack first.

Leah earned a new bike, and picked out a pink one with a purple helmet. It could have been worse, I guess, with the princess and Barbie bikes she had been eyeing.

She was super excited to ride it all by herself.

We spent a lot of time at the pool this summer. Jack had the best pool hair.

Leah insisted on this ballerina swimsuit.

My very favorite part of going to the pool this summer? Jack falling asleep as soon as he was in the car, before we even left the parking lot. This happened nearly every time.

Leah attended a Princess Party for her second cousin, Samantha. It was the cutest thing, and she had a blast.

Apparently, Provo goes all out for the 4th of July. They have a huge parade that just happens to be 2 blocks from where we live. While we waited for the parade to start Leah proudly taught Jack how to stick out his tongue.

Leah’s favorite part of the parade: The Little Mermaid float!

Jack’s favorite part: Scooby Doo!

I am pretty sure Jack is asking me if he can eat the sidewalk chalk here.

Pioneer Day festivities at a nearby park. The kids loved this old fire truck.

And this teepee.

Late July we head up to Idaho to visit Bruce & Christina and Riley & Brenda. We celebrated Bruce & Riley’s birthdays by giving them these awesome super hero underpants. Don’t worry, they also received real gifts, too.

Playing with Legos at Bruce and Christina’s apartment.

Riley and Brenda are the best. We kept them up all night the first night we were there with Leah throwing up all over their place, and they still love us.

Another trip to the BYU duck pond. There weren’t many ducks around, and the ones in the pond were sleeping. The kids found this one walking around and decided to bombard it. Poor ducky.

We attended a wedding reception in Bountiful for Dave Monk. I grew up with the Monks in Ohio, and it was so fun to see his family there! Katherine and I had a lot of fun catching up, and we hope to visit her in Vegas someday soon.

Katherine and I were playmates when we were Leah and Ellie’s age!

We went to Thanksgiving Point’s Farm Country with Peter’s cousin Heather, and her two boys Jonah and Everett.

We waited in line for the pony rides for a VERY long hour. It was hot, and the kids were whiny, but it was worth it. Look at those smiles.

Such beautiful scenery.

The albino peacock was my favorite.

Leah and Jonah chatting on the wagon ride.


Jonah and Jack trying to get a closer look at the gigantic cow.

Notice the sign. Notice my child jumping up and down.

The three other kids eating popsicles at our house this day didn’t get a drop on them. I don’t even know how Leah managed to get most of it on her. She then looked down and asked me, “Mommy! Am I bleeding??”

More fun with second cousins.

We had Leah’s Sunbeam teachers from church over for dinner one day. She was SO excited. They are like celebrities to her. We had fun talking about Ohio. Cory went on his mission to Columbus, Ohio! We enjoyed some Graeters ice cream for dessert.

He looks cute and innocent, but don’t underestimate what he can do in 5 seconds.

Leah had fun with water games at a friend’s birthday party.

Leah picked out her outfit for the 1st day of preschool. It was 95 degrees that day, and she went with long sleeves.


Next up: Brenda’s baby shower, and family reunion.


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