Spring 2011

It’s June. Wait, what?! When did that happen? Here’s a few hundred pictures (not really) to recap Spring, and to get me back on track with blogging.

Peter and his Uncle Gordon and Aunt RoseAnn snowboarding  at Brighton for his birthday.

Leah and her second cousin, Piper. Right before I took this picture they were conversing in song.

After living in Alaska for a few months, Bruce and Christina flew back to Idaho in April. We were able to pick them up at the SLC airport during their layover and go to breakfast. The kids were pretty excited. Can you tell they are related here?

Leah dressed up as Odette from The Swan Princess during one of her ballet classes.

You know the seasons are changing when you see this in the mudroom.

Peter is clearly trying to brainwash Leah into liking the Lakers. Just look at her forced smile! The only reason she loves this shirt is because it’s purple.

Leah and her friend from ballet, Elizabeth, coloring Mother’s Day cards at Ikea. Before this, they played in the Ikea kid’s play area while the moms and little brothers went shopping. It worked out great for everyone!

We walked to the duck pond on BYU campus to feed the ducks…

…and there were ducklings!

It’s not even summer, and Jack’s hair looks white and glowing.

We had Peter’s cousin Heather, her husband Matt, and their two boys Jonah and Everett over for dinner. I wish I would have taken more pictures, because they are the most adorable family ever. Leah had a blast playing with Jonah. Here he is with one awesome pose.

Leah has been learning to read and write. She likes to practice writing her name on the chalkboard, but will not listen when I tell her that a big ‘E’ has only 3 lines. She thinks it looks better with 8.

Okay, now onto Summer!

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