Newborn Wyatt

I was worried about the age gap between my oldest two children and Wyatt. Leah is 6 and Jack is 4. They are best friends, and we had settled into our family of four dynamic nicely. But the 4 year gap has worked out great. Leah is the best helper any mother could ask for! Seriously, every new baby should come with a 6 year old sister. And Jack, who normally throws himself around like the ball in a pinball machine, is kind and gentle with his little brother (so far).

I feel like I am enjoying this newborn stage with Wyatt more than I did with my other two, despite the around-the-clock nursing, spitting up, dirty diapers, and sleepless nights. Somehow, so far, adjusting to 3 kids has been easier than adjusting to 2 kids. It could possibly be because I am just used to it all by now. Also, Leah and Jack play well together and keep one another entertained when I am taking care of the baby. They grow up so fast! I really want to remember and enjoy this stage before it’s gone.

Wyatt is already 8 weeks old. He is starting to smile all the time, and he makes the most adorable little grunts and squeaks and coos. Leah is completely obsessed with him (okay, and so am I), and even Jack asks to hold him all the time. Oh, he is so sweet! Just a good little baby, and I love him.

A big thank you to my dear friend, Lori, who took these newborn shots of Wyatt (7 weeks ago… yikes, I am behind). She did a great job, and Wyatt was perfectly sleepy for almost the entire shoot.  Of course he looks so different now, I really need to blog more often and document my growing children better.

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