NEUSFLASH: The Neuenswanders Move to Utah

Peter accepted a job with Food for Health International in Provo, Utah, so we packed up and moved all of our belongings and family across the country in January 2011. Although we were very sad to say goodbye to our family, friends and all that we know in Ohio, we were also excited to begin a new adventure together. Moving across the country with 2 little kids proved to be a fun experience, but more importantly it taught us that we couldn’t do it without technology and sugar. A big thank you to Despicable Me, Toy Story 3 and chocolate for getting us through the never-ending nothingness of Kansas.

After our first day on the road, we stayed in St. Louis, and had to get a picture in front of the arch. Jack is clearly unimpressed, and Leah wanted to slide down the arch. We said no.

The kids loved staying in hotels! Jack would not leave the hotel room telephone alone, and it was driving me nuts until I realized he probably had never seen a telephone with a cord. Yes, that's right, I am now that parent who can say, "well, kids, when I was your age all we had were telephones with cords!"

They slept great!

The most interesting thing we saw in Kansas: hundreds of these wind turbines.

We enjoyed beautiful, warm weather in Denver. Do you see the hint of pink in my hair here? A story for another time, but let's just say that it's all Kansas' fault.

Grand Junction, Co.

I was hoping to snag a family picture in front of this sign, but Leah was grumpy, Jack was sleeping, and Peter was trying to keep on schedule, so this is what you get.

Our new home for at least the next year. The original house was built in the 18oo's, and then later renovated and added onto.

The view from our house. That's our church building right across the street. We are always on time to church! You can also see the Y on the mountain, representing BYU. I'm wondering how hard it would be to get a block O up there.

We can enjoy the view from our dining area.

Stay tuned for even MORE pictures, and find out what we’ve been up to in Utah!

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  1. Marie says:

    It looks like a great house. You will have a great adventure in your new home. I’m excited to hear how you are doing.

  2. Linsey Baer says:

    Debo~ Thank you for the pics and updates on your family! Seeing them made me miss you, but I’m so glad you are doing well! Your house looks beautiful and I can’t wait for pics of the inside!

  3. Marjorie Sue Neuenswander says:

    Deborah-What a fun name…The Daily Neus…very clever!!!How funny to want to slide down the arch…What an imagination.Such a smart girl. Thanks for the fun pictures.

    • Deborah says:

      Hi Marjorie Sue! I can’t take too much credit for the name, it was your brilliant son’s idea! Leah’s imagination seems to be growing every day! Thanks for checking out our blog, we’ll have more pictures up soon.

  4. mackenzie lynn neuenswander says:

    Deborah-Hi! The house looks great! I just remembered how much I miss you guys!

  5. Cait says:

    Would you take the O up to make “Oy!” or “Yo”?

    Either I think would work.

    • Deborah says:

      Haha, yes, either would work, however I was thinking it would be more independent from the Y. A block O would represent the OSU Buckeyes!

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