Mother’s Day

Dear Husband,

I am so glad that we are at a point in our relationship where you know that it’s not flowers, jewelry, clothes, or other expensive items that I prefer as Mother’s Day gifts. It’s gigantic gourmet cupcakes. Thank you for surprising me after dinner on Saturday night by taking the family out for cupcakes. Even if it was a last minute decision, it was the right one.


Your Cupcake-Loving Wife


My mother has taught me much. My mother-in-law has, as well. Now I teach my own children, and guess what? They teach me, too. So, today I am grateful for the privilege of being a mother, and for all the things my kids have helped me learn about myself and what I am capable of. Motherhood is hard, but the easiest thing for me to do is love these two kiddos:

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Karisa says:

    Well said! (The part about motherhood being hard, but loving the kids isn’t.) Good for Peter for getting you a great gift!

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