Leah’s 5th Birthday

My little girl turned 5 years old in February! We had a Pink Ballerina Birthday Party for her. Peter works with a girl who studied ballet at BYU, and she agreed to do a little ballet dance class for the birthday party. Even better, she knew a ballet studio owner who would let us use her studio for the party for a VERY discounted price. I took a bunch of pictures with my phone at the party, and the lighting wasn’t great, so they didn’t turn out so great. Someday I will get a nice camera! (do you think if I say that enough, it will magically happen?)

We found these adorable ballerina invitations at Target.

I found these really cute and inexpensive tutu kits on Etsy that the girls made to wear for their ballet lesson, and doubled as a favor that they got to take home.

Lauren did a great job with the ballet class!

The girls had fun dancing around the studio.

And they were so cute! Leah decided not to wear her handmade tutu, but stay in her fluffy birthday tutu.

We served all pinkish snacks. Pink rice crispy treats, pink popcorn, pink (and purple) fruit, pink peanut butter cookies, pink m&m’s, and pink cupcakes with pink lemonade to drink.

Leah’s cupcake had special glitter sprinkles on top that she was so excited about.

Jack, of course, needed to blow out a candle, too.

The birthday girl all smiles at her birthday party, which happened to fall on the exact day of her birthday.

Overall, the party was a hit. My little girl is growing up so fast!

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