Leah Starts Ballet

For the past year or so Leah has been dancing around the living room wanting to be a ballerina. Every. Single. Day. We moved to Utah, and this continued. So much so that Jack has started mimicking her by twirling around every so often. We decided to enroll her in a ballet class, and this picture was taken the day before she started her class. Can’t you just FEEL her excitement by looking at this picture?!

I must admit that I, too, was pretty excited about these ballet classes. Yes, once upon a time I took ballet when I was 7 or 8. I even attempted to rekindle my passion for dance as an adult and took an adult ballet class several years ago. One word: comical. It’s only cute when you’re 4, or when you’re extremely talented. A bunch of women in leotards trying to plié and sauté around the room while trying not to look at themselves too much in the wall length mirror is really, really hilarious. It was fun while it lasted, which was only a few months.

She’s enjoyed her classes so far, but has been up to her usual shenanigans. She convinced her teacher her name was Sarah one day, and I heard her teacher calling her “Sarah” for the entirety of the class. I had to clear things up afterwards. On another occasion she invited the owner of the studio over to our house for a private performance!

Here’s video of Leah at her 2nd ballet class. They are practicing hopping because they will be bunnies in the upcoming Sleeping Beauty recital in June. Leah wants to be Sleeping Beauty, but is settling for a bunny. Hopefully she doesn’t try to steal the show, although I wouldn’t put it past her.


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  1. Christina Williams says:

    Deborah, I think you should have told about Leah changing her name at ballet class :)

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