Before I can accept that October has arrived, I must finish my spring cleaning and blog about our summer. I’m going to make this as painless as possible by summarizing what’s been going on lately with each member of our family. After that I will bombard you with photos of our summer activities.


Peter has been busy, busy, busy with work. He’s in charge of the Web Department at Food For Health International. He loves his job. He’s been working on these sites:;;  A new intern was recently hired to help out in his department: Dane, Peter’s brother! Dane moved to Utah from North Dakota a few weeks ago, and has been living with us. We are glad he is here!

Peter was called as Assistant Ward Organist a few months ago at church, and has enjoyed using his musical talents on Sundays. A few weeks ago, he received a new calling: Secretary in the Stake Sunday School Presidency.

He played on a spring and summer softball team, and was able to play golf a few times this summer. Since we moved here, he has been playing early morning basketball 3 times a week, and is currently looking forward to snowboarding season. He loves his sports *almost* as much as he loves his wife.


The orthodontic office I worked at for 8 years prior to moving to Utah hired me and Peter to redesign their website, and oversee it and their social media. Peter does the technical stuff (although I have learned a lot about coding along the way), and I work on the content, i.e., the fun stuff. It’s still a work in progress, but you can see the redesign here: We’ve been doing some fun stuff on their fan page:, and blog: I’m excited to work on fun projects planned for the future!

For the last several months I’ve been teaching in Relief Society at church. I absolutely LOVE this calling. I learn so much while preparing my lessons, and I really enjoy interacting with the sisters in our ward. A couple of my favorite lessons were based on these wonderful talks: “The Atonement Covers All Pain”, and “More Than Conquerors Through Him that Loved Us.”

My good friend, Melissa and I started power walking on the Provo River Trail a few mornings a week this summer. My goal was to adjust to the altitude here so I could start running again. I’ve been able to start running, just a few miles at a time, and it feels good. My next goal: to love running.

A guy in our ward recently asked me if I would be interested in being a face/hand model for a photo shoot for his company’s brochure/advertising. It was kind of a last minute thing, but I said yes and it was really fun. I had a similar experience 5 or 6 years ago in Ohio. A guy in our ward there asked me to be a model for a photo shoot for his company’s brochures/mailers. I’m thinking I should add “Brochure Model” to my repertoire.


Leah kicked off the summer with a ballet recital. She spent the rest of the summer swimming, playing with friends, riding her bike, going to the park and being a good big sister. And by good I mean bossy. 

A few weeks ago, Leah started pre-school. She loves it. Her favorite parts: singing and painting. My favorite part: the reading program and having one-on-one time with Jack twice a week.

We went on a road trip to Idaho to visit Peter’s sisters Christina and Brenda (and their husbands Bruce and Riley) in July. Leah got really sick the first night we were there, throwing up all night. About 4am Peter and Riley gave Leah a blessing, and she immediately stopped getting sick and went to bed. The next morning she woke up feeling great, ready to have fun. She still remembers receiving that blessing, and I hope she always will.

Funny things Leah says:

Sunscreen = Sunscream

Blake (her new cousin) = Lake

She informed me she wants a twin sister. I informed her it was too late for her to have a twin sister. She’s really upset about this.


Jack is officially in the middle of potty training. He initiated interest late spring, and I’ve been trying to keep him interested as of lately. He uses the potty about 50% of the time.

He’s still obsessed with golf, baseball and sucking his thumb.

Funny things Jack says:

Shampoo = Shampoop

Leah = Yaya or Yayee

Mommy = Debah (He thinks if he says “I love you, Debah,” he won’t get in trouble for using my first name instead of mommy. He’s right, that little booger.)

If you ask him how old he is, he always says “9.”

Next up: Photos of our summer fun, Brenda’s baby shower, and family reunion.


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