Jack’s 3rd Birthday

Jack turned 3 at the end of April. I can’t believe it! My baby is 3! He Skyped with Grandpa Jack and Grandma Theresa in Ohio while opening up their birthday presents.

He was thrilled to receive birthday cards and gifts in the mail from great-grandparents.

He really wanted a pirate cake, so I picked one up at Smith’s last minute, and they did a great job.

Jack was so excited to get a new GREEN bike!

Here’s video of us surprising him with his new bike. I love the look on his face when he sees the bike for the first time. The funniest part about this video is Leah, who you can hear in the background loudly declaring she wants to get her bike out to ride, too.

Here is another video of everyone singing Happy Birthday to Jack. I just love this one!

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