Holidaze (Thanksgiving & Christmas 2011)

I was in a daze over the holidays. I became sick the week of Thanksgiving, of course. I seriously thought I had strep throat with how sore my throat was. I even went to Urgent Care the day before Thanksgiving to make sure I didn’t have strep before we left to visit family in Idaho. Thankfully, I did NOT have strep. I did, however, feel yucky the entire Thanksgiving weekend. Even so, it was nice to be with family during our first Thanksgiving since our move to Utah. Bruce and Christina hosted Thanksgiving dinner at their apartment in Rexburg, and Riley, Brenda and Blake joined us. Dane drove up with us, so we had a nice little Neuenswander family gathering. Here are some pictures, but I must warn you that 1) I was sick, so my pictures are pretty random, and 2) I use my iPhone to take pictures, and they don’t always turn out so great, especially when no natural light is present. I need a new camera!

Usually, Leah takes forever to finish dinner. Thanksgiving dinner was no exception.

Jack loved the dinner rolls.

The yummy pies: apple, french silk, and Oreo.

My cutie pie nephew, Blake, all ready to play ball with his baseball outfit and pacifier.

Hanging out after dinner.

After our turkey comas we decided to go to the movies Thanksgiving night. We saw The Muppets… well, after we first went into the wrong theater and saw the beginning of Footloose. The next day we played games, went to dinner, then headed back to Utah.

My parents bought us plane tickets to fly to Ohio for Christmas. We were so excited, and really counting down the days until our trip. It was the first time either Leah or Jack had ever been on an airplane. And it was our first time back to Ohio since we moved to Utah (11 months earlier).

We landed in Columbus, Ohio on Christmas Eve night, and drove to my parents where we were staying for the week. Christmas morning came early (especially with the 2 hour time difference). My brother and his family came over Christmas morning. We had breakfast, and then went straight to church. The kids had to wait until after church to open presents, and they were somehow okay with this. This is the only photo I took of the four of them on Christmas morning. I like how it looks like Benjamin is choking Faith.

We then went to my Grandparent’s (Hackenbergs) house for the afternoon. I am bummed I didn’t take any pictures there. I was still not feeling well, and taking pictures was not on top of my priority list apparently. We left my grandparent’s  house and then headed to Peter’s parent’s house.

The older Neuenswander kids all pitched in to buy Peter’s dad a plane ticket to Ohio from working in Texas. He surprised his wife and younger kids when he showed up unexpected on Christmas Eve!

Jack really wanted to play Grandpa Dean’s accordion by himself.

Mackenzie and Leah are both very good at puzzles.

The day after Christmas I woke up feeling worse. I went to Urgent Care and was diagnosed with a sinus infection, pink eye, and a double ear infection. No wonder I wasn’t feeling well! Initially, I thought how bad the timing was, but it was nice to be near family to help take care of me and the kids while I was sick. We were still able to do some fun things once I started on my antibiotics.

On Tuesday we went to Genji’s with the Neuenswanders and my dad. Genji’s is one of our favorite restaurants (and where Peter and I went for our first date), and no amount of sickness could keep me away. Afterwards, we went to the movies and saw “We Bought a Zoo.” We saw another movie that week, but I don’t remember which day. After the kids went to bed one night, Peter and I went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. It was so good, and not just because we were at the movies without kids!

On Wednesday we were able to spend some time with my other Grandparents (Adelsbergers). Jack did not want to get in the picture. John said, “It’s okay, I remember I was afraid of old people when I was a little boy!”

On Thursday I was able to visit my oldest and dearest friend, Vanessa, at her new home. It was so fun to see her, her beautiful home, and her growing kids. We did not have enough time to visit for as long as I would have liked, and of course I totally forgot to take a picture. However, my mom gave me a box of old pictures to take home, and I found some good old pictures of us. This one is from Vanessa’s wedding day 10 years ago, although our friendship goes all the way back to the 80′s!

I also stopped by Dr. Hutta’s office (where I used to work for many years) to see all of my old friends/co-workers. Joelle remembered to take a picture of a few of us! I totally felt left out without a matching uniform.

On Friday, we did laundry, packed our bags, and then had one last family dinner/game night with my family and Peter’s family at my parent’s house. It was so fun! We left Saturday morning, New Year’s Eve, to head back to Utah. We can’t wait until our next trip to Ohio (July 2012)!

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