Easter weekend and Jack turns 2

Easter weekend was a whirlwind. A good kind of whirlwind, not like a tornado or something. We attended a graduation party for Peter’s cousin Jacob on Friday night. It’s been so much fun getting to know Peter’s family here in Utah! I forgot to take pictures. I know, lame.

On Saturday we attended a BBQ for our friend Paul, celebrating his 28th birthday. Peter and Paul grew up together in Ohio, and, as you can see by this picture, are happy to be living closer to each other these days.

Peter’s sisters Christina and Brenda, and their husbands Bruce and Riley drove down from Idaho to meet us at Paul’s party, and then stay with us Saturday night so they could be at our house for Easter dinner and Jack’s birthday celebration. Christina and Leah had a jam session.

Easter morning! The Easter bunny left a trail of eggs into the kitchen where the baskets were hiding. They were surprised to find extra baskets from Ohio!

We enjoyed the sunshine after church.

Uncle Gordon and Aunt RoseAnn joined us for Easter dinner.

Afterwards, we celebrated Jack’s second birthday. He’s getting so big!

We ended up back outside to play with some of Jack’s birthday presents.

Before they left for Idaho, I had to snap a belly shot of Brenda: The Cutest Pregnant Lady Ever. Can’t wait to meet my new nephew in September!

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  1. amy says:

    Looks like a great weekend and I’m jealous that you had some sun!

    I can’t believe Jack is 2!! He is such a cute kid!!

    It is fun to see you guys out there, I have always wanted to live in Utah so I am vicariously living through you… just so you know! ;)

  2. Maya says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! It’s great that you are close to family and friends out there. How are you liking Provo so far?

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