Easter 2012

Riley and Brenda invited us up to Idaho for Easter. Dane came with us, and we headed up on Saturday. When we arrived in Idaho Falls, we decided to check out the dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Idaho.

This dinosaur’s name was Sue.

Fighting dinosaurs!

Leah loved pushing Blake around in his stroller.

We checked out the other parts of the museum.

Afterwards, we headed to our hotel and went for a swim. Jack thought it was the greatest thing in the world to have Daddy and Riley throw him around in the pool.

Riley, Brenda, and cutie pie Blake wearing Jack’s old swim outfit.

Easter morning with the kids ready to go to church. Leah attempted to get up and sing with all of the primary kids, but was a little nervous being in a different ward, so she sat with Brenda who was directing the music for the kids.

We decorated a few Easter eggs.

That evening we went to feed the ducks.

You can see the Idaho Falls temple in the background.

There’s Leah pushing Blake, again!

I think Jack is petitioning for world peace.

On Monday, we headed to the park to play, before we headed home. It was a beautiful weekend, and we were glad to spend it in Idaho.

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