Kid History

Kid History Brett

On Friday we went to dinner at Jason’s. I love that place! Healthy food for adults AND children, plus free ice cream cones (okay, I do realize I said healthy and ice cream cones in the same sentence). Wyatt slept the entire time we were there, so we had a chance to focus our attention [...] Read more »

Leah’s 5th Birthday

My little girl turned 5 years old in February! We had a Pink Ballerina Birthday Party for her. Peter works with a girl who studied ballet at BYU, and she agreed to do a little ballet dance class for the birthday party. Even better, she knew a ballet studio owner who would let us use [...] Read more »

Santa is Good (Jesus is Better)

We took the kids to see Santa. Leah was excited. Jack was not. As we stood in line we asked Jack if he would sit on Santa’s lap with Leah, and tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. His response? “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Leah gladly hopped onto Santa’s lap when it was our turn. Jack clung to [...] Read more »

The Sounds of Music

Our kids love to sing. It’s fun to listen to them, even if they get the words wrong or sing a little off-key. I love to sing, but my voice sounds best when singing the tenor part. If you don’t know already, that is a male singing part. Awkward much? Peter is the musical genius [...] Read more »

Halloween 2011

Rapunzel. Zombie. Princess. Alice in Wonderland. So many ideas flowing through Leah’s head for Halloween, and it was driving me crazy! I had a vision, though, and I somehow convinced the kids to go with it. Presenting Mermaid Leah and Pirate Jack. My favorite part of Halloween: Jack’s pirate headpiece slipping over his eyes like [...] Read more »

Summer 2011

I am finally posting summer photos! Until yesterday it has continued to feel like summer here in Utah. I am so ready for fall. I love boots and sweaters and apple cider and pumpkin anything and chili and soups and Halloween and changing leaves and football season! It’s not the same rooting for the Buckeyes [...] Read more »


Before I can accept that October has arrived, I must finish my spring cleaning and blog about our summer. I’m going to make this as painless as possible by summarizing what’s been going on lately with each member of our family. After that I will bombard you with photos of our summer activities. PETER Peter [...] Read more »

Ballerina Bunny

Leah was so excited for her ballet recital to perform on a real stage! Some of the other girls cried, or were scared, but Leah loved every second in the limelight for dress rehearsal and the big day. The ballet studio she went to did a Sleeping Beauty ballet for all the students to participate [...] Read more »

Leah Starts Ballet

For the past year or so Leah has been dancing around the living room wanting to be a ballerina. Every. Single. Day. We moved to Utah, and this continued. So much so that Jack has started mimicking her by twirling around every so often. We decided to enroll her in a ballet class, and this [...] Read more »