Easter 2012

Riley and Brenda invited us up to Idaho for Easter. Dane came with us, and we headed up on Saturday. When we arrived in Idaho Falls, we decided to check out the dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Idaho. This dinosaur’s name was Sue. Fighting dinosaurs! Leah loved pushing Blake around in his stroller. We [...] Read more »

Holidaze (Thanksgiving & Christmas 2011)

I was in a daze over the holidays. I became sick the week of Thanksgiving, of course. I seriously thought I had strep throat with how sore my throat was. I even went to Urgent Care the day before Thanksgiving to make sure I didn’t have strep before we left to visit family in Idaho. [...] Read more »

Halloween 2011

Rapunzel. Zombie. Princess. Alice in Wonderland. So many ideas flowing through Leah’s head for Halloween, and it was driving me crazy! I had a vision, though, and I somehow convinced the kids to go with it. Presenting Mermaid Leah and Pirate Jack. My favorite part of Halloween: Jack’s pirate headpiece slipping over his eyes like [...] Read more »

Mother’s Day

Dear Husband, I am so glad that we are at a point in our relationship where you know that it’s not flowers, jewelry, clothes, or other expensive items that I prefer as Mother’s Day gifts. It’s gigantic gourmet cupcakes. Thank you for surprising me after dinner on Saturday night by taking the family out for [...] Read more »


As I was going through pictures we took on Easter, I came across a few that left me laughing. I’m reminded that no one is perfect, even in their picture taking. I hope I remember this video when I might judge others for not being perfect: Read more »

Easter weekend and Jack turns 2

Easter weekend was a whirlwind. A good kind of whirlwind, not like a tornado or something. We attended a graduation party for Peter’s cousin Jacob on Friday night. It’s been so much fun getting to know Peter’s family here in Utah! I forgot to take pictures. I know, lame. On Saturday we attended a BBQ [...] Read more »