Brenda’s Baby Shower

My sweet sister-in-law, Brenda, was due early September with her first child. Because the whole family would be in town for a family reunion in August, we decided to throw her a surprise shower just a few days before we all headed to southern Utah for the reunion. We all had a lot going on that weekend with family in town, but it all came together.

On Sunday we had a family dinner with Peter’s Grandpa Cleve and Grandma Pat Neuenswander. They drove up from California. This was how we got Brenda down to Utah before the reunion. We told her there was a family dinner at RoseAnn’s house, and then dessert at our house. I almost let it slip, though, when we were getting ready to take some pictures, and I noticed it was 6:00. The shower guests were supposed to be at our house at 6:15, so I started worrying out loud that no one would be there when people started showing up. Oops! Fortunately, Brenda’s cousin Heather arrived early to welcome the guests until we arrived, and I somehow dodged Brenda’s questions about it.

I am so glad we stayed to take pictures so we could capture this 4 generation shot.

Some of the shower guests waiting outside.


We served punch, mango and peach salsa & chips, buckeyes (courtesy of Christina), zucchini mini muffins, a chocolate fountain with the following items to dip: strawberries, marshmallows, pound cake, pretzels, graham crackers, apples and bananas. I loved the large skewers I found that made it possible to easily spear your food before dipping.


I think Leah may have been first in line at the dessert table.

We played a few games.

Of course, Jenessa, Brenda’s cousin won the yarn game with her pregnant belly to help her guess the size of Brenda’s pregnant belly.

Group shot with the Neuenswander gals.

Brenda and Kira with the adorable banner Kira made for the shower.

The shower was so much fun! It was great to see everyone, and enjoy a lovely night together celebrating Brenda and her baby boy.


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