Ballerina Bunny

Leah was so excited for her ballet recital to perform on a real stage! Some of the other girls cried, or were scared, but Leah loved every second in the limelight for dress rehearsal and the big day. The ballet studio she went to did a Sleeping Beauty ballet for all the students to participate in at the recital. It was a big ordeal with the actual recital lasting a few hours.

She had to wait 2 weeks longer than most of the other girls to get her bunny tutu, and here she is so excited to finally be wearing it.

I signed up to be a class mom so I was able to be backstage with the cute bunnies. Check out those adorable bunny tails!

Leah’s dream come true: performing on a real stage!

The bunnies hopping off the stage at the end of their dress rehearsal performance.

Leah with Teacher Josie at their last class a few days before the recital.

Leah loved ballet, but has informed us that she wants to try soccer next. We’ll see if this little ballerina likes soccer better, or if she ends up twirling around the soccer field.

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