8 Years

Peter & Deborah 2012

The other day we had a conversation. It went a little like this: Me: “Do you feel like you do too much?” Peter: “No. I feel like I do just enough. You?” Me: “Me too.” He went on to tell me that I do all the hard stuff, and I was thinking that he does [...] Read more »

Kid History

Kid History Brett

On Friday we went to dinner at Jason’s. I love that place! Healthy food for adults AND children, plus free ice cream cones (okay, I do realize I said healthy and ice cream cones in the same sentence). Wyatt slept the entire time we were there, so we had a chance to focus our attention [...] Read more »


Wyatt 8 weeks

Wyatt has reminded me so much of Jack as a baby, so I tried to recreate a photo I took of Jack when he was around Wyatt’s age of 8 weeks to compare the two. Wyatt was all smiles… And here’s the picture of Jack from 4 years ago… Conclusion: They don’t look as similar [...] Read more »

Newborn Wyatt


I was worried about the age gap between my oldest two children and Wyatt. Leah is 6 and Jack is 4. They are best friends, and we had settled into our family of four dynamic nicely. But the 4 year gap has worked out great. Leah is the best helper any mother could ask for! [...] Read more »

Jack’s 3rd Birthday

Jack turned 3 at the end of April. I can’t believe it! My baby is 3! He Skyped with Grandpa Jack and Grandma Theresa in Ohio while opening up their birthday presents. He was thrilled to receive birthday cards and gifts in the mail from great-grandparents. He really wanted a pirate cake, so I picked [...] Read more »

Easter 2012

Riley and Brenda invited us up to Idaho for Easter. Dane came with us, and we headed up on Saturday. When we arrived in Idaho Falls, we decided to check out the dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Idaho. This dinosaur’s name was Sue. Fighting dinosaurs! Leah loved pushing Blake around in his stroller. We [...] Read more »

Peter’s 32nd Birthday

In early April, Peter turned 32. We planned a big birthday party at our house on his birthday, which happened to fall on the same day as the NCAA Basketball Championship Game. The Ohio State Buckeyes made it to the Final Four, and we hoped to celebrate Peter’s birthday by cheering them on in the [...] Read more »

Happy Birthday to Me! (and 2 recipes)

A few years ago I mentioned to someone at work that I was turning 30 that year. My best friend reminded me that I was only turning 29. I couldn’t believe it! I really forgot how old I was going to be! I used the excuse that Peter was turning 30 that year, so, obviously, [...] Read more »

Leah’s 5th Birthday

My little girl turned 5 years old in February! We had a Pink Ballerina Birthday Party for her. Peter works with a girl who studied ballet at BYU, and she agreed to do a little ballet dance class for the birthday party. Even better, she knew a ballet studio owner who would let us use [...] Read more »